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Claudio Briglidore

Surprise, Bianca Berlinger and his White papers They are the Raiders’ favorites for 2021. Judgment of the Qualitel report published by the site Davidemaggio.itunequivocal. Hypothesis: This is an internal “satisfaction survey” conducted by the Opinion Marketing Department among viewers. The sample is quite large, given that it is 337,472 “mixed” interviews (i.e. across meter, app, web) with 23,809 individuals, as is always the case in these cases representing the entire population residing in Italy.

Brawl Orsini-Cuperlo, Desperate Berlinguer: Watch out for the sentence intercepted by the open microphones...

The overall approval rate for channels on Viale Mazzini is just 7.9%, and the most popular network is Rai3, with a full 8. The cessation of broadcast information that viewers appreciate is all an issue within TeleKabul (former). White papersAs mentioned, The check, albeit a little, is on Fabio Fazio: 7.9 against what’s the weather like It stops at 7.8 (which rises to 7.9 in its “light” version Il table. A little late From door to door (7,7), more software hybrids like your facts (7.4).

I did not expect my country...: Orsini's last outburst, a slap in the face for the Italians

In fact, the radio programs that public television viewers were convinced of were private such as survivors (8.6), Sergio Marchionne (8.5) and Remember Chi Tempo Chi Fa Franco Batiato (8.4), all on Rai 3, With heart in the name of Francis (8.2) (on Ray 1), Protestantism (8.2), Investigators – Solved and Unsolved Cases (8.1) and twenties night (8), on Rai 2. However, it is a great curiosity to note, in a year’s time, whether these months of information “war” Whether or not they change the perception of those watching from home. If these are the dialectical and anti-directional tones White papers (New one of the most turbulent seasons ever because it was considered too much in the pro-Russian or ecumenical and deeply pro-government stances of “Apatino” Fazio. On the other hand, it is absolutely untouchable.

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