The size and price of a small car with the comfort of a real home

The wagon has a significant problem, in general, consisting in its huge size. Not to mention the price, it is almost worth the renter. Unless you have already come across an excellent Fiat product.

We are now on the cusp of holidays already started by some Italians. Probably They won’t be the best holidays From history: With all the increases due to the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, and the consequences of the pandemic that has monopolized the world for almost two years, there is not much to calm down and not much to spend. Many Italians are supposed to choose destinations not too far away this summer.

Clearly, today’s vehicle is not that small! (

If you decide to stay in Italy for the summer, perhaps leaving with a few friends or with the whole family, what could be better than Nice camping site In a mountainous area to escape the heat or just a few steps from the sea to find some peace on one of the many beautiful beaches we have in our country? There is only one thing missing: the cart!

Finding the right car for summer camping is not easy, both for the prices of these vehicles, which are not always accessible to everyone, and for the size of the car itself: Not everyone wants to drive What is actually a real truck for miles and miles every day.

Derived from truck

At Quattromania we often share with you Perfect way to camp which have competitive prices. A day costs almost the same as a new car but the most important thing is that the dimensions of these vehicles are definitely contained when compared to the competition. Even the smallest mobile homes for sale on the European market could not survive under five meters in length.

Target Engines Doblò 04_07_2022 Quattromania
Fiat Doblò Future, for the demanding vehicle (Target Motori)

With a height and width of less than two meters, the Fiat Dobl future It’s a fun discovery. Summer will be more fun and relaxing aboard this car which is naturally derived from the popular minivan and truck – depending on the combinations chosen – produced by the Turin-based company starting in 2000. But on board we really find everything we need to get the most Which dynamic can you choose to perform?

Yes, no problem: on board the boat there is a kitchen equipped with a stove and a refrigerator with a capacity of 85 liters of various items, hot shower And it is not insignificant and will allow you to do without public baths in the camp, a table with benches and of course a double bed that looks very comfortable.

All this at a price of about 40 thousand euros, given the amount of options in the car It doesn’t look long at all. So? Where will you go this summer?

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