There is already a fan-generated navigable star map –

hype for starfield It continues, despite the imposed postponement of the release now scheduled for the first half of 2023, still without a specific date, but the expectations surrounding the new Bethesda game are also shown by this interesting initiative by various fanwho built Star Map Navigation Based on the information collected so far about the game.

It’s still a very basic program, however it can help you understand the vastness of the explorable Starfield game world, since it is based on the details that have emerged so far regarding the explorable systems and planets.

As mentioned by Todd Howard, Starfield will contain more than 1,000 planets divided into different systems, taken from real data and with various science fiction manipulations in this regard, but in the meantime we can get an idea of ​​​​the composition of the map using this interesting initiative.

Find this type of Starfield star navigator at this address, through GitHub. This is not an official tool and is not based on data and materials provided by Bethesda, so it is entirely a result social communication enthusiasts. For now, with this tool, we can take a look at the planets and systems that we should be able to visit within the Starfield, with an interface that calls out the map of stars that appear in the game clips shown during the gameplay video. Bethesda Fair for the month of June.

In the meantime, we’ve learned that the community of players and mods will be of great importance even after the launch of Starfield, with Bethesda already anticipating support for mods, in addition to the official expansions already planned for the space RPG.

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