This is how many times Pique cheated on her

Until now Rumors on the interval between Shakira and Gerard Pique. The singer and defender said goodbye after 12 years together and two children, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 6 respectively. The reasons for the breakup were not officially announced, but multiple sources reported that the pop star wanted a divorce after finding out betrayal From the hunter with the help of a private investigator.

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It seems that the Spaniard betrayed his former partner more than once. This was reported by the Informalia portal that a year after the first meeting, which took place thanks to the World Cup in South Africa, Gerrard had started dating other women in droves. Secret.

“Shakira knew that Pique loves to go to clubs, go to parties, go on trips with friends, but she did not imagine that he would constantly cheat on her,” says the portal. Shakira had then collected many evidence and documents that would testify to Pique’s repeated infidelities. The same materials that the 45-year-old would like to use in court as she and Pique resorted to finding a child custody agreement.

The singer wants to leave SpainFor the love of the player, she moved back to Miami, where she owns a luxury villa where she wants to relaunch her American career. And with her she was taking the children. If Shakira’s requests are not met she is ready to take revenge in court, and she has evidence that could really embarrass Pique. He found an enemy. He knows Shakira well and the anger and resentment he feels towards her.”

According to some gossip, in addition to the trumpets, there could have been a rift between Shakira and Pique for economic reasons as well. Gerrard had asked his former partner, some time ago, for loans to open a company in America. Shakira refused the application on the advice of her parents who helped her manage her large fortune. Indeed, in the 20 years of his career, the artist has become much richer than a football player.

While waiting to understand how Shakira and Pique will turn out, the love story between the two could soon become one TV series. The idea was launched by Mexican producer Juan Osorio, intrigued by this relationship that blossomed like a fairytale and ended in a turbulent fashion.

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