Two tourists attacked and killed a shark while swimming, details »

Red Sea: Two tourists were killed by a shark while swimming, details

Female tourists killed by a shark in the Red SeaTragedy close to HurghadaIt is a well-known seaside resort The Red Sea in Egypt. Two tourists, while they were bathing, were so Attacked and killed by a shark.

This was announced by the local environment ministry who wrote on Facebook: Two women were attacked by a shark while swimming and died in the Sahl Hasheesh area, south of Hurghada“.
Subsequently, the Austrian news agency APA reported, as reported by the newspaper RepublicOne of the victims, he said, was a 68-year-old from the Tyrol region who was on vacation in Egypt. summoned Elizabeth SawyerAn Austrian, he has a passion for Egypt and is active in politics in the Green Party of the small town of Kramsach. The authorities have not yet confirmed the identity of the second victim, but according to the first investigations, she is a tourist from Romania.

All this happened within a few moments. A video was also filmed by the attendees in which the Austrian woman dived from the boat to calm down, but right after the shark that attacked her appeared. Attempts by the people there to distract the great predator were futile, in a few seconds the sea was covered in blood. The Red Sea, with its warm waters, is known to be a den for sharks, and these attacks of aggression often involve swimmers.

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