Ukraine, a soldier dies fighting to save his wounded comrade

Photos taken by a drone in Donbass

La Presse / Corriere

Horrific images come from the Donbass front on the 131st day of the war in Ukraine. Drone captures two Ukrainian soldiers who were left alone after being surrounded by Russian forces. One of them was injured in the legs. The other rushes to save him, while the Russians repeatedly shoot them. A wounded soldier is treated with a first aid kit provided to the military. Then, crawling on the ground, he tries to hide from enemy fire.

The other soldier responds to the Russians with Kalashnikov bullets. But as he tries to drag his companion away, he is shot in turn. At this point he is the first wounded soldier who tries to help the other comrade, but the attempt is in vain. Another bullet hit the soldier and his body began to burn. In the last shots, the wounded soldier was no longer seen. Perhaps he managed to escape, perhaps the enemy captured him. But the footage remains evidence of the extraordinary courage shown by these two soldiers.

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July 4, 2022 – Updated on July 4, 2022, 10:15pm

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