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Putin’s successes in the Donbass bring attention to the “state” of the war in Ukraine. Two reports provide answers. These are partial evaluations, expressed by reliable sources

Putin’s successes in Donbass again draw attention Ukraine’s “state” war. Two reports provide answers. These are partial assessments, however they are expressed by reliable sources. The first study from the Congressional Research Service of the US Congress. Here are the main points:

• In the first stage The resistance showed high skill, morale, and efficiency. Conditions worsened with the invasion attack on the east. The losses are very high, and they are gaps that present a long-term challenge to operational capabilities.

Many fell between special forces and veteransAlternatives must be ready and time is not enough. There was one Chronic shortage of officersNow the conflict has exacerbated the problem. Soldiers also need to learn how to use equipment from the outside. These are aspects that have already been reported by those who have been in the field, and now have more testimonies from US parliamentarians.

The second document was prepared by the British Russian Institute, among the best in following the trend of the crisis. The two experts, Jack Watling and Nick Reynolds, talk in detail:

The Moscow artillery, with its concentrated and wide fire, prevents enemy maneuvers, makes supply routes risky. The electronic warfare activity of the attackers is very effective.

• Strikes assigned to missiles – especially cruise missiles – have taken place Political and economic impact on defenders, on civilians, on the confidence of the population, in the cities. Just in these hours, a task force of three ships and two submarines crosses in the northern part of the Black Sea, on board 30 cruise ships of the Caliber class, ready to face new “gusts” on the territory.

• For Zelensky’s army Many infantry and personnel missing for armored units (Means are also scarce.)

Military pressure sets strict limits, Kyiv is struggling to launch large-scale coordinated maneuvers. Evidence to the contrary could come in the event of an attack being launched in the southern region, which is considered imminent.

British analysts suggest What materials should be guaranteed In addition to Kyiv to deal with a difficult situation:

• Capable Weapons “Suppression” of electronic warfare equipment.

Long range missile launcher (Mlrs) to damage logistics and ammunition depots.

155mm rifles and related projectiles In quantitative terms to “overcome” the concentrations of forces and, at the same time, support counterattacks.

• Communication systems encrypted and protected.

The latest generation anti-tank Portable anti-aircraft missiles.

shield” The Ukrainians are allowed to act despite the threat of the big Russian guns.

• protection from Strategic Infrastructure.

The study authors are direct in their conclusions. Only Ukraine can deal with a coordinated Western support programUniform and long lasting. It is not enough to take advantage of the available NATO stock, A suitable production chain is needed: Going ahead with the handbrake – they warn – only risks increasing costs in the future. So far, the recommendations of technicians, then governments and public opinion will weigh on the scale.

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