Who is Rocco Basilico, the manager who is surprisingly appointed heir to the will of Leonardo Del Vecchio. And who is Sonia Ammar, his girlfriend?

Model’s friend Sonia Ammar It looks amazing At the will of Leonardo del VecchioLuxottica’s pastor who passed away in recent days. It’s evolution The appearance of the young manager Rocco Basilico among the heirs. And immediately, according to the gossip book, the focus also shifts to his girlfriend. As if to say: It always rains in the wet.

Who is Sonia? She is 23 years old and already a model. Sonia Ammar appeared on the cover of V.Ante Fair and L’Officielwalked for Miu Miu, Carolina Herrera And the ChanelIt was also my favourite Dolce & Gabbana for the Millennium Generation Campaign. An independent career that kicked off with a signed contract with the famous fashion agency Img in 2016.

But the spotlight is now on it after the inauguration of the will of Leonardo del Vecchio, founder of Luxottica. Because, Surprisingly, Rocco Basilico also appeared among the recipients of the inheritance. He is the young director of the company Presented “Smart Glasses to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook inventor. He met Sonia during a trip to the United States. Los Angeles Convicted: The two have been engaged since 2017.

Sonya is not a woman who likes to live in one place. She is proud of her independence and her relationship with Basilico has not been publicized. She was born in 1999 in Paris. She is the daughter of film producer Tarek Ben Ammar. His father founded Quinta Communications, the company that owns Eagle Pictures. It is the specialty that produced and distributed “IKing’s speechBy Tom Hooperpassion “ by Mel Gibson, Epic”Twilight, The Adams FamilyAmong the most recent is “House of Gucci” with Lady Gaga. He was a great friend of Bettino Craxi and partner of Silvio Berlusconi. A family related, albeit distant, to the first president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba.

Fashion shows, catwalks, covers. For Sonya, success came early. The dedication, as we revealed, with Dolce & Gabbana and their campaign entirely dedicated to millennials, in which he posed in front of goals alongside other global stars such as Zendaya. But Sonya is also an excellent singer and promising actress. More than just a child, in 2013, she was on the stage of the musical, Les Amants de la Bastille. She then appeared in the movie Jappeloup, the tender and sensitive story of a knight who adopts a seriously injured colt and becomes a hero after his recovery. Now it was Choice to appear in the film crew: scream 5, Another chapter in the horror story created by Wes Craven. In front of the microphone, in Los Angeles, he made his 2019 debut with the single “Joyride”, a love story. She always appears in the video wrapped in a very thin and light white dress.

Several years ago, she was engaged to Rocco Basilico. For him, too, a career that took off at a very young age. He is the first married son of Nicoleta Zampello (with financier Paolo Basilico), Del Vecchio’s last wife. I was Economics student at Cattolica in Milan, joined Luxottica when he was just 23 years old in 2013. Today he is also Chief Hardware Officer and CEO of Oliver Peoples, a leading eyewear company. It features Los Angeles style, needless to say.

When I opened the will, his name came as a surprise. With him came the eighth heir with 12.5 shares of the family treasury in Luxembourg. “My husband’s suggestion was to include my son Rocco in the will and I gladly accepted‘, revealed Mrs. Del Vecchio. Now the avatar of love between Sonia and Rocco is spreading to all the media in the world. She winks, he has a pair of goggles.

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