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For the British band leader, rock has only produced poor versions in the past 20 years. But he’s wrong: that’s why

The problem of the rock, not the problem of the gods poor. If the genre that revolutionized youth culture and society in the ’60s and ’70s today has lost its grip on Generation Z, it certainly isn’t the fault of those who still look for their own form of expression in guitars and in that language, also aesthetic.

To start the state debateStephen Wilson, leader of the Porcupine Tree
The English band returned after a 12-year absence with the album Closure / Continuation. The album that, surprisingly, debuted on Fourth place in the Italian ranking.

There are some new bands out there, but rock music has failed to reinvent itself for a long time. It is now almost invisible in the mainstream, where urban dominates completely, and has become a cult genre, as happened to jazz in the second half of the twentieth century. Have you discovered a lot of good new rock bands in the last 20 years? the answer is nohe said in an interview with courier. The founder of Porcupine did not like the Mneskin either: they are terrible. It’s always positive when the band introduces the kids to guitars and drums, I wish they were a little better. For those who grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or Black Sabbath, listen to Mneskin or Greta Van Fleet and take them seriously because they are a bad version of what other people were..

The history of rock was made by those who opened the door, but also by those who infiltrated it and brought the pioneers and innovators closer to the general public.

Since the 1990s, Porcupine Trees have been exploring areas with less travel and alternative lands. But not virgins. In their albums, according to different periods, the patterns of hallucination, zodiac, and metal were evident, even if Wilson always tried to give a personal touch to what for many were absolute references like Pink Floyd or King Crimson. By moving to an area far from the mainstream, they had more freedom to experiment.

In a historic moment when rock music seems to have been crushed all over the world by the urban rap wave, I’m here Two ways that can banish the moment when the phrase is dead rock will be spoken. The first is a revolution of someone reaching up and doing what grunge was able to do last time with a guitar in their hand. In the meantime, those who keep repeating this type have the advantage of delaying the moment of delivery to date. Also because you want to listen to the legends, that you probably grew up thanks to your mom and dad, but when you’re twenty you can’t recognize someone with gray hair and wrinkles. You don’t do that in pop, let alone rock, which started as a generational rebellion.

Minsken and Greta van Vliet (there’s a difference and we’ll get to that later) have the advantage of filling in the blanks. Because music is like politics, if you find yourself on the right (or left) someone comes along to take that space.

What then I Greta Van Fleet did this kind of operation, a Zeppelin hand photocopy was their limit. Highly derived, to put it with Evil Wilson, the boy band version of Led Zeppelin.

Instead, this small reserve within GenZ found a reliable proposition in the Romanian squad. Not just for music. Also from the point of view of style and image or from the set of values ​​for what they say in terms of freedom and rights.

Now it’s up to Damiano, Vic, Thomas and Ethan to take the leap forward by giving their musical proposal a more personal and innovative feel. And then all the rocks of the last twenty years will be thrown away … Perhaps Wilson will forget the strokes, Franz Ferdinand, the most experimental part of Radiohead …

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