12 out of 50 contain ‘probably carcinogenic’ glyphosate which should be avoided

Summer beer is a real treat, but unfortunately, a very recent reported study of Salvagente provided a very poor picture of the situation in this beloved drink.

Beer consumption is always very strong because this product It is really nice especially in summer.

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However, beer is not pollution free, and a recent study presented a really depressing picture On the case of beer.

The study found a worrying case

Basically it was thoroughly analyzed Different brands of beer but what appeared is very dangerous.


Up to 50 brands have been passed under the lens of research laboratories and 12 pieces even contain traces of glyphosate. Glyphosate is classified as Possibly carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. So we are talking about a substance that should definitely not be present in food. The truth is that this article unfortunately comes used in agriculture It can also end up in food. Let’s see what they are Participating beer brands. And above all, let’s see how these tests go.

It is classified as a carcinogen

Analyzes were performed by OkoTest. In general, the quality of the checked beer was found high But the problem is that there is glyphosate. This substance is found in 12 out of 50 beers But the values ​​found respect the maximum allowed in the European Union for fermentation of barley. So this beer is legal but the problem is that glyphosate is probably thought to be a carcinogen. Hence, it should be avoided in any case.

Below are the types of beers that have been found in glyphosate

German labs that analyzed beer found glyphosate in one Which is also very popular in Italy: Beck’s Pils. Other beers in which this substance is found are known only to the most experienced and among them are: Breznak Original Böhmisch Pils, Holsten Pilsener Premium, Jever Pilsener, König Pilsener, Krombacher Pils, Lübzer Pils Premium, Tyskie Gronie Pils, Kaisrone Bells. In any case, it must be emphasized that all brands comply with current regulations.

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