3 ways to get a free house in Italy

Rental costs are often – as we know – exorbitant, at least relative to average salaries. But there is only one alternative: to buy a house, and, unfortunately, even in this case the costs are high. then? What do I do?

It seems that many of our cases, in one way or another, have to be spent on the house we occupy. However, while it may surprise us, it is not. There are ways (which should be studied in detail, if they really interest us) that pay nothing for the house, and they are not myths, but a fact.

Some might think it’s something far, from free homes that exist somewhere, perhaps in Asia or Antarctica, and instead we’re talking about free homes here, in our European cities.

The number one way to not pay and live in a premium home, however, is to share it and sublet it. Let’s imagine that you take a house with 4 bedrooms, and pay 1000 euros for it. It will be enough to rent the other 3 rooms for 330 euros per room and we will live for free. Sub-leasing under contracts is sometimes not allowed, but AirBnb can always be done. The principle is the same.

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The second method is only partially legal: squatting. Squatting is an activity with a very long history, especially in connection with cost-of-living protests. You are looking for a house that has been empty for some time, a place where no one has lived in years, it can be a house or an industrial complex, and you make it yourself. Temporarily, sure, but it works. Also because years later, it becomes a right of ours if no one claims it.

The third way is to buy a house for 1 euro. Isn’t it free? OK, but approx. These are the homes (in Italy many) that are sold at subsidized prices in the small Italian towns, those that are in the stage of depopulation. But there is also a lot in the city.

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