A cure for diabetes is fruit: choose summer!

More than anyone else, diabetics must be careful about what they bring to the table, and the cure for mitigating this disease undoubtedly lies in the fruit.

Summer Fruits (Pixabay)

The diabetic It is a disease that affects people with high blood sugar levels and it goes without saying that sugar becomes the enemy number one in these cases. However, sugar is present in different amounts in many foods that we usually ingest, including fruit.

It has always been said that fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy and balanced diet but what do you do if you have diabetes? Don’t worry, because there again fruit is the cure idealEven for diabetics.

But not all fruits are equally beneficial, which is why sufferers of this disease should know that in the summer they can eat these fruits that are able to lower blood sugar. A study reveals that.

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To lower blood sugar, this fruit can be a cure for diabetes

Blue Raspberry (Pixabay)

All fruits are good and healthy, but in specific cases it is preferable to eat one type of fruit without another, and when it comes to diabetes, choose wisely. Now that summer has come, some fruits often appear on the tables of Italians and among them blueberryRich in anthocyanins. These are the pigments that give this fruit its classic blue color but at the same time they can lower blood sugar peaks and slow down the digestion of carbohydrates.

This was also proven by a study, in which it was shown how eating blueberries can help reduce HbA1c (which determines the amount of sugar in the blood) after 8 weeks of eating them. That is why they are among the fruits recommended for those suffering from diabetes, as well as because of their disease glycemic index It’s really low.

but this is not all. Because other research has shown how blueberries are capable of this to prevent Onset of type 2 diabetes. If we take into account the fact that blueberries are also capable of providing fiber to the diet and that they are recommended for keeping blood sugar levels under control, blueberries are the ideal fruit.

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In addition to blueberries, other summer fruits that can help reduce sugar level in blood Are raspberries, raspberries and cantaloupe, a variety of melons. Now that you know which summer fruits are most suitable for diabetics, stock up on them if you also have this problem or if any of your loved ones have it.

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