A Place in the Sun, July 7 previews: Lara is ready to do anything!

Thursday 7 July 2022on me Rai 3And the place in the sun It presents us with a woman who is truly willing to do anything, a closer departure and a moment of deep pain.

So let’s see what happens as:

Marina (Nina Soldano) is close to Procida’s departure. In the meantime, intent on going forward at all costs and making people believe that pregnancy is going on in the best possible way, Lara (Chiara Conte) will prove genuinely willing to do just about anything.

Raffaele (Patrizio Rispo) now knows he won’t be able to wait long before talking to his family about the threats he is receiving. That is why he will experience a moment of great anxiety and despair…

Thanks to an environmental initiative, Bianca (Sofia Piccirillo) is trying to shorten the distance with Antonello …

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