“A sea of ​​blood in the doorway, corpses piled up, my friend killed: hours of terror with the Russians.” 19-year-old Dmitriy returns to the Butcha shelter

in 180 Hidden like mice inside Underground from U.S Building then became headquarters subordinate Russians during the occupation Bucha. First, the bunker in which they hid for five days, then as soon as the occupation army discovered the terrified civilians, they remained hostages to them. to say ilfattoquotidiano.it In the video of this terrible nightmare Dmitriy Hvozdtsky19 years.

For the first time he returns to the place of terror. One Cellar Tight and damp, low in poor condition, with Only one bathroom not working And the agony of an uncertain end. Dimitri’s story begins with the whereabouts of the boy He slept on the floor for ten days: “We were many, there were men and women, old and young people like me, children, and the couple had a few days to live and then dogs and cats. We had to hug each other because the space as you can see is not huge and full of junk. For the newborn, a makeshift bed was set up on a table Wooden with pillows, and the others slept as they used to. After several days here there was no air, we are ten meters underground, people were afraid and didn’t want to go out, but we risked dying like mice below. No food from the third day until the cookies were over And in the end too without watermetered in small doses to please everyone primarily children and the elderly, assembled from a boiler in the central station, bad, Not potable The color is mixed between yellow and green. The only toilet was broken“.

The group of civilians had locked themselves up in the basement, where the utility services were, closed with one armored door in the shape of a bank vault and another at the foot of the stairs. The Russians have reached the first stage: “We opened the second door – says the 19-year-old – when we actually found out the Russians. We couldn’t hold out for long anyway and were afraid they wanted to blow everything up. explosive. We went from the frying pan to the fire. was the Russians violent They kept us there for another five days without providing us with drinking water and food. They also started checking everyone’s documents and especially cell phones to see who has anything to do with the Ukrainian army or who has pictures or videos of the conflict or anti-Russian propaganda. It went well for me, but many who didn’t, including a friend of mine, went upstairs and killing“.

More than 100 hours of additional worrying about their fate, and then on the fifth day most of the hostages were released: “The Russians were tired of us, getting to know each other there, so they told us about it and we were released – Dmitry concludes, ran away to Zhytomyr Then he returned to Bosha only two months later, in May -. When they took us from the basement to the open air, I was afraid of a mass execution, and instead they just told us to get out of town quickly. But I remember inside the hall sea ​​of ​​blood And the corpses piled up To many of my fellow citizens. Eyes recorded that terrible image for a few seconds, an image that will always remain in me.”

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