Adriana Volpi’s reaction is incredible

The latest version of Big Brother VIP It was successful not only for the events of the protagonists, but also for having two commentators who caused a lot of discussion. It is located around Sonia Bruganelli Based on Adriana Volpi.

In the reality show Canale 5 conducted by Alfonso Signorini, the wife of Paolo Bonolis and Adriana Volpi was very pungent and was a cause for discussion, with much appreciation from the audience.

Sonia Bruganelli has been reconfirmed as Big Brother Vibe

At first, Sonia Bruganelli explained that her experience as a commentator in Big Brother would come to an end, because she no longer intended to participate. But obviously, also, at the insistence of the authors and Signorini, then change his mindHe accepted, almost surprisingly, the renewed role of a reality show commentator.

In fact, this was a very appropriate move by the authors of the program, who won the possibility of a person in the transmission who certainly does not utter words and strikes above all because of his spontaneity.

Contrary to what happened to Sonia Bruganelli, Reconfirmation not received As a columnist for Adriana Volpe’s Big Brother Vip. In fact, according to the latest rumors, he should replace him Orita Berti.

It is a pity that even some network users were disappointed with this choice to produce GF Vip, because the audience, however, was also very fond of Fox and the dynamics created between Paolo Bonolis’ wife and the first presenter of your facts.

Adriana Volpi’s statement arrives

Adriana Volpi definitely didn’t stand idly by and shot one real digging against Sonia Bruganelli. In fact, Fox received many messages of affection from fans who couldn’t wait to see her again in the Big Brother Vip.

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So he did not want to remain silent and shared an article from a famous newspaper in which he talked about the formalization of Bruganelli and the criticism of the public for changing the opinion of Paolo Bonolis’ wife.

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The title of the article said “Defensive Fox”. The former face of Fatti Vostri thanked his fans for the affection they have always shown her. He did not fail to make Bruganelli’s sarcasm feel ironic due to the fact that the audience is taking one side instead. on his side.

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