Amnesty and compensation for those who join and go to Ukraine

The new strategy of the Russian president is to recruit prisoners from Russian prisons to send them to the front in exchange for money and freedom.

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Russian independent media says it’s recruiting all over the country Volunteers To go to war in Ukraine. The research concerns some of the large companies affected by the sanctions, but not only. It is mainly from prisons Vladimir Putin’s new soldiers must arrive.

Why is Vladimir Putin recruiting prisoners from Russian prisons

The operation appears to be an attempt by the Russian military to replace several thousands of men He was killed in the fighting that began on February 24 in an attempt to occupy the territory Donbass Born in South east.

there Wagnera private military company linked to the Kremlin, allegedly offering high wages to prisoners in Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod and evenpardon For 6 months of service.

Detainees will be required to travel to Ukraine to identifyNazis“But they are well trained. That’s why not all recruits will come back.”

Moscow’s official targetDynazy“Neighboring country. After an unsuccessful attempt to conquer Kyiv, Vladimir Putin’s forces began to invade the east and for “to freePro-Russian lands.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For the families of the prisoners of war 5 million rubles in the event of death

Russian prisoners will be promised compensation of nearly 5 million rubles 89 in thousands euroto allocate to their families in case the death straight ahead.

Even if it was possible come back for free After spending six months in Ukraine, approx 3 thousand euros Altogether, I have already paid hundreds of prisoners to accept this.

Although many family members of people in prison reported these agreements to the press, negation.

Recruitment in Russian companies affected by the sanctions is also limited

The same recruitment process will take place within shipyards and mining sites in San Petersburg it’s at Belgorod.

The workers will be offered approximately contracts with the Moscow Defense Ministry 5200 euros per month To travel to Ukraine and fight.

Also in this case, it is the top management of the companies from which the reports were issued to reject Meetings with officers of the Russian army.

This is the Admiralty shipyard Based on MetalloinvestOwned by the Russian oligarchs already affected by Western sanctions due to their involvement in the war.

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