Another suspicious death of a Russian businessman linked to Gazprom: the body of Yuri Voronov was found lifeless in St. Petersburg

else Russian businessman Found dead, a new name in the list of suspected deaths of topics directly or indirectly related to the Russian energy giant Gazprom. 61 years Yuri Voronovhead to Astra Cargo (a logistics company that has lucrative contracts with Gazprom in the Arctic) was found dead in a mansion in Saint Petersburg. According to the independent Russian newspaper, insiderThe Russian billionaire was found by the pool killing From a gunshot wound to the head. beside him one pistol. His wife said the man left for St Petersburg on July 1, after she gave birth to him Dispute with business partners for the company’s losses. In fact, Astra-Shipping closed 2020 with distinction Loss of 95 million rubles and 2021 with 65 million losses, he notes Spark Interfax.

Yuri Voronov is the latest suspicious death Associated with the Russian gas world. long strip of Abnormal cases of suicide Among the top Russian managers. At the end of January, at the age of sixty Leonid Shulman, a senior Gazprom executive, is dead in the bathroom of his Moscow villa in the business district. in february Alexander TyulakovThe 61-year-old was found at the top of Gazprom’s safe hanging in his garage. At the end of February another oligarch, Michael Watford, the energy tycoon, is dead in his shed in the UK. On April 19, in a luxury apartment in Moscow, corpses Vladislav Avaev, Ex-Vice-President of Gazprombank and ex-official of KremlinHis wife and 13-year-old daughter. At the beginning of March, it was the turn of Vasily Melnikov He died with his family in his home in Nizhny Novgorod. also Sergey ProtosciniaThe former head of the Russian gas company Novotek, which has estimated assets of around 400 million euros, was found hanged in the garden of his villa in Spain. Then there is the case of the billionaire Alexander SobotinThe 43-year-old former CEO of energy giant Lukoil was found dead in May. The latest case is a case Andrei Krukovsky, director of an alpine resort in Gazprom, died in May when he fell off a cliff in Sochi. Il reconstructed four suspected cases: Leonid Shulman, Alexander Tyuliakov, Vladislav Avayev and Sergei Protosinya. He reconstructed four suspicious deaths among the leaders of Russian general groups at the end of April: Shulman, Tyuliakov, Avaev and Protosinya.

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