‘As infections increase, bubble system must be revised’

“We have decided not to return the Covid departments to the medical district, while the bubble system (in each hospital ward, some rooms for patients who are positive, but who have been hospitalized due to other diseases – ED) belongs to the hospital organization. When the patients in the hospital were few , because patients, if positive, require specialized care, but as the number of infections increases, the bubble system must be reinterpreted.”

This was said by the Regional Health Adviser, Raffaele Donini, this afternoon on the sidelines of a press conference. The commissioner also responded to the question regarding a good revision of the covid rules: “The rules are being discussed at the national level, in a few days we will decide with the government and the scientific community what changes to make to the current protocol of the rules. It is necessary to think about everything, even in the current spread of the epidemic. – even on tampons – but as always we rely on good people.”

In the meantime, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health, the number of recipients of the fourth dose of the vaccine can be increased in the fall.

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