ATAC launches the new service

It can be recharged with an electronic card and paid with a credit card. This is the new option that Atac offers to its users, to replace the classic paper ticket, with a green and sustainable option.

Where to reload cards

The new automatic wafer ticket machines are based on paper technology. Cards called + Roma in your pocket, which are issued by devices instead of a ticket, allow you to store purchased tickets on a single electronic medium and can be reloaded. To do this, it is possible to use the new automatic ticket machines, for use with a credit card. But it is also possible to do so at ATAC ticket offices and at more than 1,000 points of sale in the area, such as bars, tobacco sellers, newsstands and tourist points.

The cost of the new card + Roma

For the launch of the service, + Roma cards will be issued in your pocket for free until July 12. From July 13, the card will cost 50 cents to purchase securities under seven euros, while it will remain free for higher purchases. 100 minutes can be charged to the card, even with multiple purchases with a maximum of 12 tickets, as well as 24/48/72 hour tourist tickets and CIS, that is, the weekly pass.

A more sustainable ticket

The goal, in addition to improving the customer’s shopping experience, is to reduce the issuance of paper tickets in favor of digital payments. This process allows on the one hand to reduce management costs, and on the other hand encourage greener and more sustainable behaviours. New automatic ticket machines have been added to the already active machines along the public transport network and will be 100 by the end of the year.

Issuing Roma + cards is part of the digitization process undertaken by ATAC to simplify payment methods. Please note that it is already possible to access the metro by credit card, thanks to the Tap & Go system and that by the end of 2022, the entire surface fleet will be equipped to provide the same service.

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