Ats Insubria ready to call USCA ‘waiting for green light from area’

On July 1, the USCA ceased operations. It was abolished by the Ministry of Health, and in turn all districts dismantled this territorial unit that played a critical role in the care of Covid patients at home.

This measure came into effect at a delicate moment in the spread of the epidemic, in full swing. The alarm was raised by general practitioners who have relied on USCAs in cases of people in dangerous circumstances. Dr. Danielle Ponte denounced the weakness of local medicine for fear of increasing access to emergency rooms.

« The End of the USCA is impoverishment – comment on Health Director at Ats Insubria Giuseppe Catanoso The regions have raised the issue and are taking steps to avoid the end of such a useful garrison. also The Lombardy region is working to restore and maintain service at least until the end of this year. We are waiting for the official action but in the meantime we have already alerted our colleagues to be ready to resume service. We will leave with About ten USCA Until we cover the whole area and then we will assess whether it should be strengthened or laughed at according to the work that will be there.”

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