Avatr: China’s new electric car maker, 4 models on launch

Avatr is a new electric car manufacturer from China that will work with Huawei to develop their own cars.

Avatr, the electric vehicle manufacturer – Motori.News

there China continue his Climbing into the world of electric carsand then NIO And the XPengalso arrives avatar. This is new Producer bornWith the help of many people, to try to reach electric cars very performance. If we think there is too NIO And that the batteries from CATLWe understand right away that what’s going on here Grand. there cooperation Most importantly, it contains HuaweiSo development subordinate a program Custom CHNIn addition to edge.

4 cars are already ready for this new home

avatar To make it clear that he is serious, through 2025 Will put on the market 4 new cars. The most important is avatar 11This is it SUVs / Crossovers. This type of media is the most wantedSo if you want to sell right away, go with this car. Unfortunately, we still know too smallthe only things we know are that it will be used Cell batteries for a pack of CATL. These batteries haveindependence which differs from 550 to 680 kmit is believed to contain a fileExcellent charging speed.

Avatr New Factory
The name of the new Chinese electric car maker Avatr – Motori.news

This car will have a dual driveto get 575 hp. for him The operating system It’s so much fun, because he managed to basic environment monitoringand she also has Independent driving chip. You obviously have to wait a little longer learn moreBoth this car and the others Information You will branch out, al Chinese auto show. You are right to expectAuto event more Important in homelandwhich will definitely be first market.

Cooperation with Huawei

there cooperation with Huawei born to develop CHN . platformthat affects all Auto Technology Avatr. The tech company will think about all of that Improves user experiencewill matterInformation and entertainmentIn addition to Computing power for onboard computersAnd he will think of everything Driving assistance. Huawei you will do what The Google And the apple They are already doing, with cars European And the American.

avatar offer
Avatr will be presented at the Chinese auto show, until then we wait – Motori.news

The first car of the model avatar He will see a light ad August As mentioned, it will start from internal market. They will come later It also launched the other three carswhich is already in design stage. this is new factory Show us, like China highly focused on electric mobilitybecause it is financed in in a substantial way These car manufacturers. We’ll see how there will be avatar 11the first to come out, only then can we say more about this New car factory.

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