Battlefield 2042 beats Halo Infinite on Steam, Season 1 appears to be working –

Battlefield 2042 pass it infinite aura on me steam: apparently launch season 1 From the DICE shooter it had the desired effect and the game is slowly starting to regain its strength, although the numbers are still far from the initial expectations.

At the moment, the only DICE project, which has no time for Mirror’s Edge or anything else, Battlefield 2042 began to recover in June, coinciding with the arrival of Season 1, and has scored two digits Compared to Halo Infinite.

In particular, Tom Henderson noted, in the past few hours, the title produced by Electronic Arts has recorded a file Three times the number of users online Compared to the free-to-play multiplayer game of the latest version of the Microsoft series.

Battlefield 2042 vs Halo Infinite comparison on Steam

Of course, in both cases we’re talking about products that had some major issues with post-launch support and, in general, with their straight-to-service approach. However, the multiplayer in Halo Infinite is exactly FreeBattlefield 2042 remains a paid title.

We’ll hardly see significant changes, unless Electronic Arts don’t really consider the idea of ​​turning Battlefield 2042 into a free game, as was rumored a few months ago.

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