Big Brother Vip, Soleil Sorge Celebrates His Birthday With Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Want An Ex Givino At The Party

28 Years of Soleil Sorge: His partner Carlo and some (but not all) former adventure companions from the Big Brother Vip were among the attendees, for this reason.

Soleil rise done 28 years. The beautiful Italian-American influencer celebrated the happy event with a lavish party at Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce. Long table set, charming flowers, three-tier cake placed on a silver crescent and fireworks: a Ceremony Really elegantly in a very suggestive location Soleil Celebrated by company Wendy’s mother And many friends including former fellow adventurers Big Brother VIP.

Among the many guests, Amedeo Gurria with his daughter GwendaFriend of all time, Diane Meloformer tronista for men and women Lucas Perracci And the previous two gifs to meLisandro Bacciano with Sophie Codegoni. Among the various images of the event, photos Lucas who immortalized him Soleil With her mysterious boyfriend Carlo (photo posted by Very useless people).

but that is not all. Alessandro Rosicastray shot at Sorge feast Who seems to have left a bad taste in the mouth of an ex Givino: Gianluca Constantino. According to the gossip expert, Sulli could have been forced not to invite him because her boyfriend would be especially jealous of him.

Carlo Domingo, from special friend to Sulley’s secret friend Sorge. Why is Carlo always hiding? In the pictures, he is the first to escape, so does he have something to hide?!? But the exciting scoop is something else. Sulli was denying that one person shared his birthday, and that person is his great friend, and you know why??? Carlo’s jealousy towards Gianluca. However, we remember that Sully was there a few days ago, on Gianluca’s birthday, and they were very close. I’m not one to judge, but this time Sully played a slob, listening to her boyfriend’s baseless fantasies. On the other hand, Gianluca was very bad there, as there was a beautiful friendship, as well as business projects. Which side are you on? Why wasn’t Carlo jealous of Alex Pelley? And now you own??? “

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