Bitter Earth: Yilmaz escapes from prison but…

Badly reasoned act Yilmaz Akaya (Uğur Güneş) will lead to a series of unexpected events in the next few years Italian Rings From earth time. The male protagonist of the telenovela will indeed be able to escape from prison, but unfortunately he will not be able to meet his lover again Zaliha Altuna (Hilal Al-Tanbelik).

Tera Emara, News: Yilmaz Arrested, Zeliha Marries Demir

If you’ve ever read about it, you already know it hunkar yemen (Vahide Perçin) Yilmaz will be arrested as soon as the main builder is done Gaffur Taşkın Bulent Polat will confirm that she is Zuleiha’s lover and is wanted in Istanbul for the murder of the rich and powerful. Survivor. After that, Mrs. Yaman will force Zleiha to marry her son destroyer (Murat Unalmish), stressing that he will have to transfer the baby in his womb to the rightful heir of his relative.

A Machiavellian plan will be carried out by Hunkar because he will suspect Demir of being sterile. On the one hand, the actions of the nanny will condemn Zuleiha to a definitely unhappy marriage, and on the other hand, Yilmaz will not give in to the idea of ​​losing her lover forever and then. After being sentenced to deathHe will get help from another prisoner to escape…

Tera Amara, spoiler: Yilmaz escapes from prison but …

Practically, Selmaz will be stabbed by the man in the lower abdomen during a riot of other inmates, which is why his transfer to the hospital will be necessary. A few days later, while still in the hospital, Yilmaz will ask an escort to accompany him to the bathroom and he will run out of the window.

Despite the wound and bleeding, Yilmaz will reach Hunkar’s house and threaten her with a knife in her throat. When a woman seems to give in to Zleiha’s whereabouts, Gavur Yilmaz will be stunned with a blow to the head. After that, the master builder will carry out his lady’s order and return the protagonist to the police station, where he will be arrested again.

In short, Yilmaz will put himself at risk for nothing, and what’s more, He won’t see Zuleiha for a moment!

Tera Amara, intrigues: Yilmaz returns to prison

So how will the tangled story go? As soon as he finds out that he set foot on the estate, Demir will not hesitate to go to Yilmaz’s dungeon, and after hitting him several times with kicks to the wound in the lower abdomen, he will point a gun at the temple and will be about to shoot him. Fortunately a murder will not happen thanks to a timely intervention Cengaver Kazem Yasar is Demir’s close friend.

Once back home, Demir later confesses to Hunkar that he found out that Yilmaz and Zuleiha are actually lovers (not brother and sister). So the woman would have nothing left but to pretend to be amazed at the revelation, so much so that she would ask her son if he doubted that his stepson might not be hers. The hypothesis that the unsuspecting Demir would vigorously reject.

But after all these pitfalls, what will happen to Yilmaz? For now, we can expect the guy to go back to prison where he will meet an old “unwanted” acquaintance. who will be?

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