Branko’s Weekly Horoscope 8-14 July 2022 / Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus are at the top!

Branko’s Weekly Horoscope July 8-14, 2022: Gemini’s unparalleled passion and growing work with Scorpio

L ‘Branko Weekly Towerin the magazine From, It seems to herald a great time for you twins, Gives you 5 stars beauty! Passion is going through an important growth period right now for you, with a flat moon in your sign allowing you to fall into some The new conquest. Mars is getting closer and closer to your sign, and when it arrives, it will allow you to have everything you want at work. However, these days you may actually be able to get some news from a business point of view, with a creativity you don’t often have!

5 stars also for the weekly Branko horoscope for those born under The scorpion Who will face these days with a very positive moon will begin an excellent transit in the horoscope, which will end on Sunday! Above all he will be intent on influencing the progress of your business, making it rich Occasions and OpportunitiesI got busy! From the trips this week, it looks like you’re able to meet up with a new one that might be a professional result or maybe even a special one, your eyes are open! A new love is waiting for you Not connected Somewhere in these seven days, don’t hold back now.

Branko’s Weekly Horoscope July 8-14, 2022: Opportunities for Sagittarius Singles, Small Economic Problems for Taurus

FromBranko Weekly Toweron me From Gives you 5 stars for my dear friends in Sagittarius! A wonderful time especially for you singles who should seize those beautiful opportunities that heaven seems to want to ensure you meet! The stars have been telling you since the beginning of July to devote yourself a lot to chasing a few beautiful stars Dream The one you always kept, what are you waiting for?! Between 10 and 11 you will have a beautiful moon with you and you should use it to try to get something to work!

4 stars, on the other hand, for you friends ox, According to the weekly Branko horoscope. Pay special attention to the early days of the week because they may bring some little ones Economic turmoil, which won’t even cause them but will still weigh on your wallet. The Moon’s repulsion towards Mars will be very good to get some fighting Even in the most stable and calm pairs. If you are chasing the result of an action, devote yourself especially to the twelfth and thirteenth days, when the moon is most sympathetic. It also seems like Venus wants to give you something in love, but you’ll really have to share!

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