But which app? I want to pay for refilling because I pay for petrol

Alessandro: “Why can’t we pay the excess in cash or using an ATM, like gasoline?”.

But which app? I want to pay for the hike because I pay with petrol, credit cards, or even cash, Alessandro, the reader writes. victorik He answers. We remind you that questions should be sent to info@vaielettrico.it.

But which appBut which app? It’s just complications

s.I notice a VW e-Up as of November 2021. So far I’ve only used home recharging, but with the holidays approaching, I’m investigating the plumes issue. From what I understand, I have to use a generic app to see where am I Columns and what brand. Then search for the app that manage it, Get an account for me, enter the card data and use it to activate the recharge. Personally, this makes me a little worried: even if I find the column and it’s free, it probably isn’t from a brand I can manage. And I have to put myself in the sun a Create an account. Not to mention trips abroad. My question is why can’t I just pay con the card (or even in Cash) to the column as one does from a Self service gas station? If I am traveling abroad with an ICE, I just need to verify that my card is enabled for external payments. The way I see it: I go to column X, swipe the card, select 5 euro I pay and recharge with kWh equivalent. What is the problem?. Alessandro Scarosa

But which app
Alessandro drives a Volkswagen E-up

With an app or a card, it’s not that complicated…

to reply. You don’t need a lot of apps, Just one big trigger is enough (The first two in order are Enel X Way and Plenitude Be Charge) Which gives access to all major shipping networks in Italy and abroad, thanks to the so-called interoperability. one show Updated status of charging stations which we will find along the way. In fact, it would be impossible to identify charging stations without a tool like an app that geolocates them, describes their characteristics (slow, fast, very fast) one by one, and lets you know if they are available or busy, if they are in operation or under maintenance, allowing You can book it 15 minutes before your arrival time, and activate Google Maps to guide you to your destination. So the app should be considered as a great help, indeed an indispensable tool for those who travel with electricity outside the areas they know.

For the payment issue, there are operators that accept credit card balance, such as Alperia-Neogy and Ionity. Nobody accepts cash or ATMs. But most managers require the use of application or rfid card, With a previously signed contract. This is for a financial reason: the need to bill what is still upfront as “Energy management“not simple”good physical“Track it down. We know it, for those who have used it for years to get gasoline Cash or ATMThis may seem like a complication. but in fact You get used to it instantly: Simply swipe the card on the shaft or call two mobile moves and that’s it.

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