Calciomercato Lazio, Romagnoli Hours of freezing and cold: the details

The player is not satisfied with the offer of Lazio who, however, does not rise and remains consistent in their positions. And Fulham remains dormant

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developments? Few, very little. On Tuesday, there was no relevant news on the Romanian front. We are witnessing a stalemate, just when most things seemed to be over. The background is special, because Sunday Contacts with Vincenzo Raiola have been positive and it now looks like everything is ready to get the green light for the deal. An offer of 2.8 million euros on a fixed basis and a bonus of 700 thousand euros (500 thousand in the case of reaching the top four) received an opening from the agent with which the commission issue was settled. However, Romagnoli did not give him the green light, he is asking for at least three million euros for a stable base and bonuses that are easy to achieve. No, Lazio said, they didn’t rise up and didn’t stay firm in their positions. He considers the proposal placed on the board identical and also suitable for the interior dynamics of the dressing room. Preparedness, procrastination, not complete collapse, But the optimism that prevailed 48 hours ago has faded. Silence currently prevails on the Lazio-Romagnoli axis. The player would like an extra effort from the club, in recognition of which, in Milan he received 6 million, He has a net 4 bid from Fulham that he put aside for now, but could seriously come back for consideration If there are no positive developments with Lazio. The stalemate is obvious, the situation is developing, and future scenarios are almost unpredictable. So far, the expected “yes” has not arrived.

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