Camilla from Cornwall (Photo by Kate Middleton): From Britain’s most hated to future queen

the number of rural life Camila’s Championship will go on sale starting next July 13, and it is not surprising: At the age of fifteen, the Duchess celebrates 75 years, An important milestone for Carlo’s wife, who, after turbulent years, is now an integral part of the British royal family and is poised to take on a role wife of a king, for Express the wish of Elizabeth II. Strange how life goes. In their younger years, the Prince of Wales and Camilla Shand were never well regarded by the King, who once referred to her as his future daughter-in-law. “that wicked woman”while today he has revalued her so much that he wants her as the first woman in England.

The former forbidden lover, who was so hated by the people during the years of marriage between Charles and Diana, is often considered the only person guilty of the princess’s misfortune, However, she managed to occupy her space in people’s hearts, without pretending to be like Diana or imitating her style. Camilla is not a theatrical woman, she prefers more casual spaces, which is also the closest to most members of the House of Windsor. Lover of country life, long term lover of horses He found more than one affinity with the Queen, Just by maintaining itself. This was and still is its strength.

Only one person in the family seems to have much sympathy for her, Prince Harry, who still holds her responsible for her mother’s suffering. On the other hand, Brother William put everything into perspective over time. With everyone else, Camila went above and beyond. “I’ve been scrutinized for so long that I finally realize it I had to Find a way to live with it. And I’ve come forward, even though I think no one likes to always be Look at her and criticize herHe said recently British Vogue. He couldn’t do anything else.

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