CASTELNUOVO After the melee at the disco, hit “swarm”

CASTELNUOVO After the melee at the disco, hit

  • Wednesday 06 July 2022

A 19-year-old was injured by a glass bottle

Bottled and even beaten. A real settlement of numbers after the first bickering that occurred in the previous days at the disco. Violent attack and escape at night between Monday and Tuesday in the center of Castelnuovo. The loser was a 19-year-old, who had a head injury and needed an ambulance to undergo treatment before being taken to hospital. All this happened a few minutes after midnight, when a group of young people arrived at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, all of them residing in the not far off municipalities of Bassa. The goal was already set, that is, some young people, in a clear minority compared to the “foreigners”, with whom there was already a first discussion.

The story of the incident of violence against citizens on newsstands on July 6

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