Chef Edgar Nunez refuses to host an influencer for free: ‘They’re international profiteers’

Influencers or beneficiaries? For the Mexican Chef Edgar Neese Certainly the second. owner South 777 And the Comedian Jacinta No scruples have been made to define it international scalper (literally gorrones internacionales) Manuela Gutierreza girl called him to ask for a free dinner in exchange for Social media ads. Nez is a well-known character in South america. It was his Sud777 Four years in a row In the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America.

the story

It all started last June 18, when neez He posted on Twitter a message received from an influential figure that read: Hello, how are you? Your restaurant is simply amazing! I’ll be in Mexico later this month with my boyfriend, and I’d like to know if I can make one Advertising exchange, where I recommend and showcase your services on my Instagram for a meal for two. It is my honor to work with you.

Chef, come on InstagramHe just answered with a big laugh, but come on Twitter I posted the screen with this description: And in my favorite section: “International Exploiters” I leave Manuela (who has a quarter of my followers).

In fact, Manuela Gutierrez is almost important today 94,000 followerswhile Nez . owns 150 thousand. Before the controversy the instagramer followers were around 65 thousand It grew exponentially after the accident. Thus the ratio suggested by the chef is incorrect, but the fact remains that the latter has more followers than the influencer itself.

Nez later added to Potion by writing that an influencer is not someone who makes you buy something, an influencer is someone who changes your life, who helps and improves you without receiving anything in return. My first influencer was my dad and I’m only interested in being Influencer of my daughters. Manuela Gutierrez He wanted to make it clear that he does not define himself as influential, but rather that he is one Content Creator. He also mentioned that he wrote on the club’s Instagram page and not on that page Chef staff. According to her, she was immediately blocked and was unable to respond. The speech ended with an apology from Manuela Gutierrez: Many content creators pay us to advertise their services. If I offended the chef with my order, I apologise.

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