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GEDI Publishing Group breaks into the world of influencers and content creators, having acquired 30% of the very popular Stardust House, the company that produces new and very young talent in social media, TikTok first and foremost. A very clear communicative choice, which indicates a desire to open up to an audience of Generation Z.

stardust It’s a real machine Industrial Content: He takes care of the Scouts, then searches for talent online, welcomes them into his home where he teaches dance and video editing courses as well as communication and copywriting courses, and eventually becomes their manager.
This “manufacturing” Influencer Marketing She found her perfect outlet in the success of TikTok; Evidence of this is the numbers of the Roman company (also headquartered in Milan) founded in 2020 By Simone Giacomeni, Fabrizio Ferragozzo, Alain Tonetti, Antonino Mayra and Ettore Dore; Discover them all below!

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Stardust home, a hub for young talents

Approximately 500 influencer creators, 1200 original content Produced by talent every day with an average of Sika 150 million views It spreads daily on different platforms but mainly on TikTok and Instagram channels. there stardust Al Bait is a talent agency: literally! In Milan’s office there is a mix between a boarding school and a school where young creatives live together, they follow refresher courses in all those useful materials to improve their online communication.

A system born in the year 2020 by the founders of the company who saw us long ago on popularity tik tok And who followed the American track, which was already dealing with the “house” of tiktoker: in 2021 alone, Stardust handled about 300 social campaigns for 70 different brands, racking up sales of 10 million and a total of more than 15 billion views.

Gedi opens up about future communication

In this pioneering success, Jedi He saw an opportunity. The publishing group is the first in the ranking in Italy in this field Information Daily: A true pioneer in print and digital media who has decided to expand his audience. Through this acquisition, in fact, GEDI aims to reach a goal too small.

Maurizio Scanavino The CEO of GEDI commented on the company’s decision as follows: “With Stardust, our digital strategy takes a crucial step forward as it allows us to distribute our content to new audiences and deepen the dynamics and languages ​​of digital communities that the GEDI offering has yet to reach.“.


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Stardust and Alfemminile: a winning combination

one of the founders stardustAnd the Simon Giacomeni:Today is the time for digital simulation. It is the time when people are grouped by interests, anywhere and anytime. We are delighted that at such an important stage of cultural change, GEDI stands by us to help us meet the challenges of the future
Among GEDI publications, we also phenyl: In addition to the entire editorial group, we can’t wait to tell you about the talent, creativity and young spirit of Stardust talent!

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