Covid data: 107,786 new infections and 72 deaths in the past 24 hours

107,786 new infections with the Covid virus were recorded during the past 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. On Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 132,274 were infected. The death toll was 72, down from 94 on Tuesday. A total of 380,035 antigenic and molecular swabs were taken, with a positive rate of 28.4%, the same as Tuesday. 325 patients were admitted to intensive care, two more than on Wednesday. The number of daily admissions is 43. The number of hospital residents in regular wards yesterday was 8,220, up 217 from Tuesday. The number of Italians infected with the coronavirus currently stands at 1,146,034, steadily increasing in recent days. The Ministry of Health data always shows this. In total, 1,904 8,788 people have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while deaths have risen to 168,770. The number of dismissed and discharged persons reached 1,773,984, an increase of 51,183

he is Hospitalized patients increased by 19% in one week Because of Covid, both in regular wards and in intensive care, and I found the largest increase in hospitals “for covid”that is, in hospitals with typical respiratory syndromes of the disease, which in 7 days was 24.5%. Less increase, that is from 13.7%the hospital “with covid That is, those patients who came to the hospital for treatment of other diseases and found their positivity in the pre-admission smear. This is indicated by the July 5 survey conducted by sentinel hospitals of the Federation of Health Companies and Hospitals (FIASO). In particular, hospitalizations in regular wards recorded a 15% increase while in intensive care in sentinel hospitals, albeit still relatively low numbers, there is a doubling of the number of occupied beds. In resuscitation cases, in particular, the non-vaccination rate remains at 19%; Among the vaccinated, on the other hand, 80% of those present appear to have had the vaccine for more than 4 months. We are recording for the first time in a month Reversal of trend: patients with Covid (52%) are again more numerous than those without Covid (48%) »Chief Fyasu notes, John Best.

Child admission doubled

In particular, children’s hospital admissions due to Covid-19 double in a week and basically end up in hospital Children aged 0 to 4 years, which account for 78% of young children hospitalized. a 84% increase for patients under 18: you pass 51 in hospital from 28 june ai 94 From 5 July. “The great contagion of this species – explains President Fiasu, John Best – It also affects children who are not exempt from infection with Covid disease, as evidenced by the increasing data in children’s hospitals and pediatric departments. More attention should be paid to infants and young children.” This data – comment Alberto Villani, Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases of the Bambino Gesu Hospital – confirms that the increase in the circulation of the virus includes the developmental age with methods and characteristics similar to those of the general population: an increase in infection and in the number of people with symptoms that appear and the consequent increase in hospital admissions “.

Increased admission to respiratory diseases
There is a ‘significant’ growth in hospitalizations due to respiratory issues related to Covid-19. This is indicated by the July 5 survey conducted by sentinel hospitals of the Association of Health Companies and Hospitals Association (FIASO). “Patients with a specific Covid disease with respiratory syndromes are growing again significantly,” notes Giovanni Migliori, president of Fiaso. The widespread spread of the virus is forcing us to reorganize our hospitals, reopen departments for respiratory and ventilator assistance, but also continue to move patients without identifiable symptoms into departments where safe isolation can be established, Miglior says. . “.

Agenas, intensive occupancy rises to 4% in 24 hours – The percentage of intensive care places occupied by Covid-19 patients in Italy rose one percentage point above 24%, a value still far from alert levels but above the 2% registered exactly one year ago. On the other hand, the bed occupancy rate in medical departments has remained at 12% nationally and there are 3 regions where it exceeds 20%: Calabria (24%), Sicily (25%), Umbria (32%). The summer wave of Covid-19 describes data from the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) dated July 5, 2022, published today. In detail, based on observation, the percentage of beds in medical or non-critical area wards), within 24 hours, decreases in Basilicata (17%) and Valle d’Aosta (20%) but increases in 10 regions: Calabria (24%), Campania (15%), Lombardy (11%), Marche (14%), Pa Trento (12%), Piedmont (7%), Sardinia (9%), Sicily (25%), Tuscany (12%), Umbria ( 32%). It is stable in 9: Abruzzo (13%), Emilia-Romagna (13%), Friuli Venezia Giulia (13%), Lazio (11%), Liguria (16%), Molise (7%), Pa Bolzano (12%) . ), Puglia (14%), Veneto (9%). The occupancy of places in intensive care by Covid-19 patients is located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (4%) and Piedmont (1%), but is growing in 7 regions: Marche (3%), Pa Bolzano (3%)), Puglia (4%). ), Sardinia (5%), Sicily (5%), Umbria (8%), Veneto (3%). It is stable in 11 autonomous regions or provinces: Abruzzo (3%), Basilicata (3%), Calabria (4%), Campania (6%), Emilia-Romagna (3%), Lazio (7%), Liguria (3 %) %), Lombardy (1%), Molise (3%), Pa Trento (1%), Tuscany (4%). In Valle d’Aosta (0%) variation is not available.

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