Covid today Germany, infection on: the health system is difficult

Voices are growing in Germany that the re-emergence of the Covid virus is increasing and the pressure on the health system is exacerbated by the increase in cases. The important medical association, the Marburger Bund, has warned that the effects of the high numbers of infections are already beginning. “We’re seeing bottlenecks in hospitals, especially in Schleswig-Holstein, with particularly high infection data,” Marburger Bond chair Susanne Juna told Handelsblatt newspaper.

“But some services in other counties, such as paramedics and first aid, are only partially operating due to staff shortages. We also have to assume that more and more workers will be lost in the coming weeks,” Juna said. In general, the situation is manageable, but the health system has “reached its limits in some parts of the country,” concluded Marburger Burg chief.

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