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fear in Florida Where lightning struck a car on the highway. To immortalize the horrifying scene, a passenger in another car inadvertently thought of it. The husband and three children of the woman who filmed what happened were traveling in the truck that was moving forward. As shown in the video, the car was struck by lightning while a powerful thunderstorm was seen in the sky.

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Nothing to worry about though. Everyone got on board safely. The same cannot be said about the car, which was completely destroyed and became unusable due to bad weather. But how was it possible that no one was harmed inside the passenger compartment? According to experts, the metal installation of the car, such as the Faraday cage, was able to protect against lightning by running electric current on the outer surface and discharging it on the ground.

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But it’s not the first time a similar event has occurred in Florida. Some time ago, a man went out to the garden when lightning struck his neighbor’s land and exploded in the flaming fireball.

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Here is a video of the tragic accident that took place in Florida, where a car was hit directly by lightning

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