Discos and nightclubs in Puerto Pino

Porto Pino’s guide to the best nightclubs, discos, beach clubs, lounge bars, pubs, cocktail bars where to get an aperitif, where to get an aperitif and where to spend a fun-filled evening.

What to do in Porto Pino in the evening: the best nightlife and nightlife spots

Compared to other places in Sardinia, the The nightlife of Puerto Pino Definitely not the first attraction of the place, as tourists here are attracted above all by the beauty of the sea and picturesque beaches. This does not mean that there is no nightlife and Night clubs in Puerto Pino. Especially on the beaches of the coast, parties are organized and you can listen to music in cocktail bar And a beach club for fun-filled evenings.

Also near Puerto Pino, especially Santana Arese, there are bars and mini clubs that offer live music and DJ group For dancing and tasting excellent cocktails and local liquors. Regulating bathing establishments on the beaches of Puerto Pino beach party With disco music and entertainment.

Puerto Pino Disco

Sun Beach Bar – Puerto Pino

Sun Beach Bar it’s a cocktail bar On the beach of Porto Pino that offers excellent cocktails and music from the late afternoon to relax and enjoy the sunset.

there your location It’s a nice place to shower, well designed and well looked after in a part of the bar with a booth, white wood beach terrace, beach lounges with chairs and tables. The place is perfect for tasting cocktail Home, beer, wine and spirits, chat at sunset and listen to music with friends. The restaurant is suitable for groups of friends and couples who want to extend their day at the beach. They are organized on summer evenings beach partyAnd the DJ group To dance on the beach e Live Music Evenings.

Sun Beach Bar Porto Pino It is located in Via della I Spiaggia, Sant’Anna Arresi.

Porto Pino-Sun-Beach-Bar

Beach Club – Puerto Pino

beach club is a bath and music club On the beach of Porto Pino which regularly organizes evenings with disco music and entertainment.

there your location Located in a modern and well-kept shower facility, with a well-equipped and equipped booth serving delicious tapas, cocktail, Beer and spirits to enjoy on the wooden terrace on the beach. Also on the terrace, every weekend there are regular evenings of music, with DJ group with Music House and techno to dance late into the night with entertainment. The restaurant also organizes evenings and evenings live music Of all kinds, reggae party with dancehall.

Porto Pino Beach Club It is located in Via della I Spiaggia, Sant’Anna Arresi.

Porto Pino beach club

Nazca Pop Brewery – Puerto Pino

Nazca Pop Brewery It’s classic pub It is located in the historic center of Sant’Anna Arresi, just a few kilometers from the beaches of Porto Pino. It’s a great place to drink and beer cocktail And eat sandwiches and snacks with background music until late.

there your location It is located in the center of Sant’Anna Arresi, where it is the only trendy bar. The restaurant is refined and attention to detail, with outside tables on the square. famous for excellent cocktailplentiful aperitif and lycor Places like white ace, craft beer, hamburgers, cold cuts, cheese and snacks. Possibility to order non-alcoholic drinks as well. excellent Music In the background that accompanies relaxing and fun evenings.

Nazca Pop Porto Pino Brewery It is located in Piazza Martiri, 23 Santana Arese.

Puerto Pino Nazca Beer Pub

Luna Beach – Puerto Pino

Luna Beach is a well-equipped bathroom establishment that organizes events and evenings with beach party It is located in the beautiful context of Porto Pino II beach.

there your location It is on the beach and is very detailed, elegant and modern. Bathing establishment is equipped with all services including a well-equipped restaurant and bar where you can order excellent products cocktailAnd beer and wine to brighten the evening fun into the night. It is organized regularly DJ group With disco music and commercial music to dance to the night on the beach, theme nights and animation. The restaurant is recommended for groups and couples of friends who want to spend quality time in a youthful environment but also for all those who want to extend their day at the beach between cocktails and Music.

Luna Beach Porto Pino It is located in Via Secondo Spiaggia, Sant’Anna Arresi.

Puerto Pino Luna Beach

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