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These aren’t easy days for anyone who’s booked one vacationbetween the peak of infection of Omicron Strikes and flight cancellations affect all of Europe. In a few weeks, more than 41,000 flights were canceled from European airports, about 7,000 in Italy. But which flights and airports are most at risk? a Online Report that I put Mabrian Technologies They analyzed canceled flights at major airlines, and made a list of the flights most at risk.

Standard flights, EasyJet and Turkish Airlines

The Mabrian Technologies report took into account cancellations from July 1-15, 2022, comparing flights scheduled for June 14 with those already available starting on June 28.

According to data analyzed by Mabrian Technologies, the black shirt goes to the English low-cost company easyJetwith 1,394 flight cancellations (5.46% of the total) a situation that also led to the resignation of Chief Operating Officer Peter Bello.

The second “ranked” is Turkish Airlines which made 399 trips (6.66% of the total). problems too sassWith 145 fewer flights, it faces an all-out strike by pilots while the company has filed for bankruptcy protection. Things are not good for either of them Wizz Air86 flights were canceled, equivalent to 0.76% of the total.

Vueling and WizzAir, problems and annoyances

Spain’s Vueling canceled 69 flights (equivalent to 0.64%). In the ranking followed by TuiFly which made 51 flights (2.64%). It is followed by Wizz UK which cut 45 trips (-3.41%) and United (30 fewer trips equals 1.29%). At the bottom of the ranking are Air Euopa and Saudi Airlines with 12 and 11 canceled flights.

The arrangement includes canceled flights only early, and does not take into account last-minute cancellations made primarily by low-cost airlines.

What airports are most at risk?

Among the airports where the greatest inconvenience occurred, we find almost all the main European airports, but the worst is Paris – Charles de Gaulle.

In Paris, 1 out of 5 flights are canceled

In Paris – Charles de Gaulle canceled almost one in five flights (17%). Problems with the baggage sorting system were also reported on Friday, 1 July: more than 1,500 bags remained blocked and 15 flights departed without baggage.

London, problems at Heathrow and Gatwick

At British airports, chaos has been reported for weeks. At London’s main airport (Heathrow), a shortage of ground staff has led to the cancellation of about 30 flights as of Thursday, June 30. The situation caused long queues, crowds and protests. At Gatwick, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority has imposed a reduction in flights that will increase in August from more than 900 daily flights to 850.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Disruptions are also expected in Amsterdam Schiphol: passengers are required to arrive 4 hours before the flight even for European flights. And the authorities imposed a limit on the number of daily flights, reducing the number of people passing through the airport by more than 13,000. So the cap was set at 67,500 passengers per day for July and 72,500 passengers in August.

Spain in chaos due to strikes

Things aren’t any better for those traveling to Spain as the country’s major airports are in trouble due to strikes by Ryanair and EasyJet staff. More than 100 flight delays and new EasyJet strikes have been announced from July 15 to 31.

Germany, two thousand Lufthansa flights canceled

Due to a staff shortage, national airline Lufthansa has canceled about 2,200 flights throughout the summer. Problems also at airports where the lack of ground staff causes long queues at checkpoints.

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