Falls while climbing in the gym, and is transported by rescue helicopter to San Gerardo

He was at the Big Walls gym in Viale Lombardia in Brugherio climbing with a friend when he lost his grip and fell from a height of about three metres, falling to the ground and violently hitting his head. The 26-year-old, a Chinese national, why, who had a serious accident in the gym on Wednesday afternoon, just after 3 p.m., is in serious condition. Equipped with a harness and rope, the boy was on a rock face and smashed to the ground despite a 25-year-old Canadian ALQ carrying the safety rope.

Transported in red by rescue helicopter

A rescue operation was launched immediately, which saw the intervention of several 118 vehicles: the White Cross arrived at Brugherio and the helicopter was rescued from Bergamo Hospital immediately. Once stabilized, the 26-year-old, code red, was taken to San Gerardo de Monza, where he was taken to hospital in serious condition. Immediately intervene local police agents in Brugherio who are working to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the sporting accident. Videos of the gym’s internal monitoring system were acquired, as well as previous entrances were recorded and recorded, and eventually the ropes and seat belts were adjusted. The alternate prime minister and Ats Brianza technicians also went to the scene.

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