Fedez, discovered pancreatic cancer by accident: “Thanks to a doctor who went through it. I owe you my life”

“Unfortunately, there was a big stroke of luck.” interview by Vanity Fair, Fedez recounted the day he found out he had pancreatic cancer. “I do a general check-up every 6 months – the rapper explained – while they visit me A doctor passed by chanceHe wasn’t supposed to be in this studio, but he looked at the screen and saw that something was wrong with his pancreas. “I owe her my life,” Fedez said. Since that day, a long series of visits, exams and updates on social networks. Finally, the process. “It lasted 6 and a half hours,” Vides says, then wanted to make it clear that now Out of danger “say 99%”. “For the operation, some organs were removed from my body and placed on the table to export the tumor,” the singer recalls. from that day A second life began for FidesHe also said this through his social channels: “I understood how much of a waste of time it is to give a side to easy disagreements.”

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