For Zaniolo, you need at least 50 million, and Juventus are trying the Locatelli formula

The Bianconeri has put it at the heart of the market, but it is difficult to get the Giallorossi to accept a premise other than cash

Communications between the agent Claudio Vigorelli And the Thiago Pinto They glimpsed widely Rome that interest Juventus for Zaniolo It is more than just tangible. However, the problem is always the same: under i 50 million The Giallorossi does not intend to sell it, and even if the Bianconeri are close to receiving a good dose of cash from selling it. de yachtThey don’t want to spend a lot. Their will is to conclude with a formula loan with redemption obligation.

According to today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Roma team is seeking a cashless solution without peers. Juventus would like to aim for a formula like the one that brought Locatelli to Turin, with an annual loan (10 million) plus a mandatory refund of 30 (with the possibility of increasing up to 40 by adding bonuses) or the inclusion of some players to reduce the fixed fee. The positions are still far away at the moment. But the market is still long…

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