Former Carnivale building in Brescia-Dieu sold at auction for 3.5 million

White smoke – finally – to sell the previous area brescia duet carnivals. After years of abandoned auctions, yesterday’s remote asynchronous auction (authorized by Commissioner Simonetta Bruno) granted commercial ownership temporarily to Brescia at a value of 3.5 million eurosbase price for sale.


“Now the company will have 60 days to pay the balance and sign the deed of sale,” explains the bankruptcy trustee, accountant Costanzo Tita Sanvitali Simonetta, who assures that until the sale is signed, it will still be possible. Performing the famous 10% increase, which is why the award is defined as “temporary”. And it doesn’t matter whether mouths still have to remain sewn with the name of the buying company: the interest shown in an abandoned property for sale since 2018 is certainly good news for the whole city. All in light The deterioration in which the building was poured.


The story has its roots in the distant future Bani Carnavali Spa Group Bankruptcyin liquidation since 2017, and in re-launch of the site before “Sandro” Chen, owner of Aumai (later Homps srl, which bought a majority of the company’s shares), shipwreck less than a year later. History indicates that in 2018, the then bankruptcy trustee, Ferruccio Gasparini, published the tender for the sale – in one piece – of three branches of the historic Brescia company, corresponding to the former Carnevale di Brescia stores (via Cephalonia), Lonato (Il Leone shopping center) and Erbusco ( Le Porte Franche). In addition, it is worth noting the brands Passatembo, Ana Blanca, Bethany B., Carnevali, Ela Collection, Il passatempo, Luca Bani, Nadira, Passatempo and Premium outlet Carnevali of 1988.

The increase, as it is known, did not go as it should A little more than a year after the bailout, in 2019, the mass dismissal of the remaining 20 employees (45 former employees) began, as well as the sale of premises in Brescia-Dieu and Lonato. For the Brescia Due building – including the entire building on the ground floor, for commercial use, with warehouses, offices, garages and outdoor areas, with a total area of ​​more than 8 thousand square meters – first auctionfor the month of November 2019, for the base price of 14.4 million euros. In the spring of 2021, they became 7.4, and as the years passed (and auctions deserted), the price of the property fell, until it reached the base price of 3.5 million awarded by the last measure.

The building, located at Cephalonia Road No. 77, comprises a completely isolated three-storey building, with sales decks, connected by escalators and direct extension booths. On the third floor there are offices associated with commercial activity while on the first underground floor there are warehouses, services, dressing rooms, technical rooms and a garage; In the second basement is a warehouse, technical rooms and another garage. The property is completed by a private patio, balcony, various terraces, stairs and elevators.