Francesca Vialdini, Bad Adventure with the Car: It Happened at Night

Francesca Vialdini had a bad adventure with the car. In addition to the misfortune in the accident, there was also an additional complication: it all happened at night, while the presenter came home from work.

Advertising gave it Francesca Vialdini Immediately after the event opinion in which the fall schedules were presented. For the prologue there will be a double TV commitment next season: in September you’ll be back free wheel from usWhich promises to rejuvenate itself dramatically. From October, however, there will be Hunger for love.

Program presenter Francesca Vialdini (Instagram photo).

This is a program that Francesca Vialdini cares about very much. Comment on the good results Share TV, making it increase on average 2.3 million From viewers:You are naked without fear of being judged. It’s nice to know that a TV show can have that power, and maybe that We have been helpful to you truly“.

Francesca Vialdini, what happened to her car

At the beginning of July, Francesca Vialdini began filming the new season of Fame d’amore, while also simultaneously working on the new season of Da noi a freeewheel. The July 5 It’s been a really hard day for her have Abad luck. A series of events followed each other which actually put them to the test.

Francesca Vialdini's story about her bad adventure with the car (Source: Instagram).
Francesca Vialdini’s story about her bad adventure with the car (Source: Instagram).

When you are I poured coffee He downplayed him with a smile at him, despite the fact that he was about to start shooting and this obviously delayed the work. In the evening, while returning home, there was another adventure withSentencesWhich put her in a serious predicament. Fortunately she was not alone and spent time with her friends.

Bad Night Accident: Fortunately there were friends

Francesca Vialdini wheel hole his car in nine pm. It is not actually clear whether he found it with holes in it or whether the accident occurred on the way. However, he also tried to downplay this inconvenience: “Pierce on top of the mountain at nine in the eveningThey were with her two friends that kept her company the whole time.

The first pictures from the shooting of the new season of Fame d'amore (Source: Instagram).
The first pictures from the shooting of the new season of Fame d’amore (Source: Instagram).

In addition to commitments related to her two TV shows, Francesca Vialdini has appeared in presenting the new book by Georgia Sorina, It will be easier for two people to stay awake. The presenter announced that she was very happy to attend the event and was able to discuss love with her Peers.

Here is Francesca Vialdini’s announcement regarding professional obligations New TV season:

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