From today speed limit control systems

An EU initiative effective from today that will spark debate: a new law that requires all new cars to be accepted starting from 6 July 2022 Equipped with technology that exceeds the speed limits. From July 2024, the obligation will apply to all vehicles for sale.

L ‘he is (Smart Speed ​​Assist), that’s the name of the device, it will notify drivers when they exceed the speed limit and can theoretically adjust the vehicle’s speed effectively when the on-board camera or GPS map detects that there are speed limits below the speed the vehicle can handle.

I warn you and then slow you down

The first step when exceeding the limits is to inform the driver of the violation Visual and audible alerts and haptic feedback Through the steering wheel or throttle, the latter will do it instead slow down The car if it is not done directly by the driver.

The first nonsense of the new rule is that the system must be installed but will be disabled during flight and There is no obligation to use or penalties If it is deactivated. For manufacturers, there is an obligation to ensure that the ISA is activated every time the vehicle is started. The second crucial point is that the Commission itself states that in the event of adverse conditions, including weather conditions, or situations where speed limits cannot be clearly established, the system must be deactivated to allow the driver greater control over the vehicle.

Although it is clear that speed limits must be respected, there are situations in which it may be necessary to use the full force of the vehicle to be able to get out of dangerous situations, and possibly to overcome a sudden obstacle.

The ISA may also be disabled when other driver assistance systems are used, such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping.

Road signs for change

Often in Italy, systems are recognized Road signs not working, as anyone with advanced ADAS systems knows: in order to actually implement the automatic speed management system, a significant and costly renewal of road signs would be required. In any case, the reliability of speed limits stored in navigation systems cannot be defined as bomb-proof (just think of the thousands of work in progress that requires speed changes).

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