Gas, 60% of flows from Norway are at risk: price touches 175 euros

servicestrike in the fields

The strike by workers in the sector obstructs the first Norwegian fields: an escalation is expected that could deprive the European market of gas quantities equal to a tenth of its needs. All this within a few days of the shutdown of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline

by Sissy Bellomo

Europe, already short of gas, is also losing supplies from Norway: three fields have been closed since Tuesday, July 5 due to the strike, and if a solution to the dispute is not found as soon as possible, the risk of outflows is reduced by 56% by Saturday 9: A loss of 178 million cubic meters per day, equivalent to more than a tenth of the requirements on the ancient continent.

The warning issued by the local sector association, Norsk Olje & Gass (Nog), portends the impact of the protest so far…

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