“GF Vip,” Signorini wants Rita Dalla Chiesa: indiscretion

Seventh edition of Big Brother VIP begins to take shape. In recent days, Alfonso Signorini has intensified negotiations with potential new tenants of the Cinecittà House and some rumors are beginning to leak. In some cases, it’s the conductor himself who releases some clues from his social profiles, sparking public curiosity.

In the past few hours, the name of the great lady of TV has made its way, sweetheart, who could return to surprise TV in Canale 5 reality. It will be strange compared to the upcoming faces of talent, social networks and other reality shows, like Katia Ricciarelli was the last release.

GF VipSignorini refers to Rita Dalla Chiesa

according to Dagosbya The name Alfonso Signorini will focus most on is Rita Dalla Chiesa. A character who is definitely not used to reality shows, which was already in the past He rejected some of the proposals Like to participate inFamous Island. It seems, however, that the Director’s Court From He tightened up and eventually managed to snatch a signature to the contract after several negotiations.

According to what we read in the newspaper directed by Roberto D’Agostino, the official announcement of his participation may arrive in a few days, at most a few weeks, as it happens in these hours for other characters who will make up the cast. GF Vip 7.

GF VipThe return of Pamela Prati

Meanwhile, Alfonso Signorini posted on his Instagram profile an encrypted post about another competitor who will participate in the program. The host didn’t mention any names, he just posted a picture of a fiery red nail polish with the caption: “Evidence #2. Forgotten #gfvip7’s second contender in the taxi. who is this? “.

On social media, everyone seems convinced that this is Pamela Prati, given her passion for red nail polish and the epic taxi muzzle when she was left out for the first version of the car. Big Brother Vip. But while they all agree that clues led her to it, attitudes are sharply divided when it comes to whether or not they like the decision. Actually a lot Negative comments Under Signorini’s post: They would have been better off focusing on the other faces who weren’t already on the same reality show.

GF Vip 7Who are the eligible candidates?

In recent days, several hypotheses have been circulated. Some of the characters that Alfonso Signorini could have called can be found here, but Dagospeia has reported other possible names, such as Charlie Gnocchi. Jin’s brother and former envoy of stripping newsSwimmer Leonardo Tomoto and former porn star Max Felicitas.

Moreover, in recent days, director From He posted another proof among his Instagram stories that he revealed the name of the first competitor. it will be from Shadia Rodriguez, the young singer, about whom some rumors have been circulating for some time. Even in this case, there is no confirmation yet from the VIP in question.

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