He accidentally receives 330 times the salary, quits and runs away – the world

He was getting 330 times the salary from his company. Instead of returning it, he took the money and ran away and is currently untraceable. The amazing story happened in Chile: the employee, the shipping assistant at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, one of the largest producers of meat and processed meat in the country, got 1,653,98851 (about 170,000 euros) in May, instead of the usual 500. A thousand pesos a month (just over 500 euros, at current exchange rates).

According to local newspaper Diario Financiero, the man initially alerted his manager of the error. Then the manager reported the matter to the human resources office who then asked the worker to go to his bank and return the extra money. The employee first agreed to go to the bank, but then kept the money and ignored the employer’s communications. He then resigned through a book his lawyer sent to the company. There has been no news since then. The company filed a complaint against its employee, alleging the embezzlement of funds, but so far no one has been arrested.

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