He left his wife for Ukrainian refugees and is now her caregiver as she loses her sight

He left his wife to run away with a Ukrainian refugee he had welcomed into his home just 10 days ago, and now he’s also quit his job to be her caregiver, because she’s losing her sight. 29-year-old Tony Janet had to give up his job to take care of the full-time young Sophia Karkadem, who fled atrocities in her hometown of Lviv at the start of the Russian invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin. On her trip to the UK while in Germany, she contracted an eye infection and she has now undergone an operation on her eye that has left her partially blind, although she will be able to regain her sight within several months if all goes well.

The man, from Bradford in West Yorkshire, told Metro: “I quit my job to become a full-time caregiver. Because he has not yet received a National Insurance number and cannot work, I had to pay everything myself.” “I get nothing for being her caregiver, because she doesn’t ask for benefits. But it’s the right thing to do, I can’t be a man without taking care of my woman.” “For us, this is not a question of money, we just want to get on our feet and start our new chapter of life as soon as possible.” Their story has created strong controversy and also a lot of indignation, with testimonies of solidarity with his ex-wife, Lorna, and the attacks on the Ukrainian refugee which her family disowned.

Janet, who claimed he would leave his wife anyway, said: “People portray her as a bad woman who came to the UK and robbed a British man. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a mutual decision.” Referring to Sophia, he then said, “At first I just wanted to help her, and then it happened, but tango needed two people. They describe it on social media as a family breaker, but it’s not.”

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