Here is Lucio Dalla Square, Libor: “The fate of Bologna will change”

Bologna Piazza Lucio Dalla opened on July 9, ten years after his death. The area of ​​​​approximately six thousand square meters is covered with a canopy “Nervi”, in the heart of Bologna, which will be the protagonist of the summer novel with a rich program until the end of October, within the Bologna Summer Program 2022. “The fate of Bologna will change.”, said Mayor Magtio Libor..

Piazza Lucio Dalla will host the festival of Dimondi (which in Bolognese means “a lot”) for four months; To manage it is Estragon, in association with several realities of the territory. The opening ceremony will be known as the music of Edoardo Bennato, then on July 13 there will be an ecological concert by the Tetes de Bois, followed by artists from all over the world and many young people.

“Bologna opens a new Piazza Grande – commented the mayor – it will be an opportunity to publicize this exceptional place that we offer to the city in the name of music, culture, sport and inclusion.” During the day, various activities are organized: skating, boxing and skating, in cooperation with sports clubs, entertainment and workshops for children and families, a giant chess board. Many appointments dedicated to performing arts, exhibitions, theatre, book shows, assemblages and always various gastronomic proposals. In the studio, a project to make Lucio Dalla’s dedication more realistic: “Nervi’s canopy is made using chromatism that allows artistic intervention – adds Lebor – I dream of something that can also be seen from the moon.”

The opening of Piazza Lucio Dalla is just part of the new era that awaits Bologna, the mayor confirms
In the meantime, these will be four months of experiments “which will also benefit us in testing how people interact with the use of the square during different hours of the day,” Lepore stresses: In short, the summer will be used to decide how to continue using the area in the future. The agricultural market for open fields, which is now taking place at the beginning of a route through Jupiti, will certainly reach us: “With the Navil district and the commercial sector we are organizing to start activities during the summer. Not these days – sets Libor – but we will decide when to leave based on what can be done. And he will arrive. Transfer sooner or later.”

Then there is the game related to the green spaces of the former market area, which private operators have to hand over to the municipality. “We get the basketball court which will be the first thing activated in the next few days,” Lepore says. While in the rest of the green space, the municipality intends to “stimulate this lane as quickly as possible because it is a city park”.

In the fall, then, “we will open the new Katia Pertassi neighborhood house,” reports Lebor, which, right next to the square, will contain “a gym, multi-purpose room, kitchen, and various common areas and offices that will be used by the realities that will manage the house on the basis of the activities that will emerge from Joint planning is underway in these months.”

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