“He’s a friend of mine, he’s a meme now.” Attacks Silvagia Lucarelli

He stole the show from everyone on stage love. Obviously we’re talking aboutSecurity officer He became famous on social media, starting with TikTok, and that he met yesterday videos. However, the singer saw himself drawn into dancing Wild Lucarelliresponded on Instagram.

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Posting a photo of the meeting between the security officer at the concert and Fedez, Silvagia Lucarelli commented as follows: “However, I am now terrified of this person, everyone who is spreading widely should turn it into their own content.” Fedez commented on Selvaggia Lucarelli’s Instagram Stories post: “From what platform…today, dear Selvaggia, I want to give you a gift. It’s so easy to play this game. You finally got the attention you want. Bad answer. Today you can celebrate Big day. You have at least a month of content to do about me now, enjoy.”

“Yesterday I saw this guy I’ve known for years who became a live meme, I made him a ten second video. So, am I a monster? Even if you’re doing the same thing, you’re doing worse,” Fedez comments in the clip Video, then reminds Silvagia Lucarelli that she supported the fight against revenge porn, but accuses her of having spoken at length about a sex tape of Belén Rodriguez. “Since you have been bothering me and my family for years, you have to thank my wife is not here to please me today. I can go on indefinitely, Selvaggia, unfortunately, you and I are not as different as you think” – explains the singer -” You don’t think you are better than me, maybe Forget about when you abused Beilin’s newborn son, saying he was ugly, or when you say I’m posting sessions from my psychiatrist, to help myself and others. I got paid to do a podcast about your toxic relationship. I can go on indefinitely, but I’m closing it here, And you keep doing what you’re doing.”

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