High triglycerides? Foods to avoid, which should return to health

Let’s take a look, in situations with high triglycerides, which foods to avoid to protect our health and prevent more serious consequences.

High Triglycerides, Foods to Avoid There is already. If the level of these particles ends up accumulating in excess, there is a problem. In fact, it is they who contribute to the formation of adipose tissue.

Some very frequent foods (Pixabay)

Under normal circumstances they should do of power reserve, but when they are found in our excess number an emergency may be harmful to our health. In the case of high triglycerides, foods that should be avoided help to normalize the situation.

The consequences, if we don’t intervene or don’t do it appropriately, we risk some of them Cardiovascular consequences As well as with diseases capable of cause damage to the brain. So let’s see what foods to avoid in case of high triglycerides.

We also learn what values ​​we should stick to. With less than 150 mg/dL we’re fine. Up to 199 mg/dL They are tall but the situation is manageable. We are already in an awkward position with triglycerides between 200 and 499 mg/dL, then by one Hypertriglyceridemia with values ​​greater than 500 mg/dL.

Foods high in triglycerides to avoid, list of foods to avoid

We have a high percentage of triglycerides in cases of obesity, with little or no physical activity and with diseases such as Diabetes, genetic changes and metabolic syndrome. Under accusation are the following foods:

Food bad for your health
Food that is bad for your health (Pixabay)
  • Alcoholic.
  • carbonated or sugary drinks;
  • butter;
  • Meat and sausage
  • candies
  • Refined and white flour.
  • fried food;
  • candied fruit
  • fructose;
  • Lard;
  • Orange jam.
  • honey;
  • baked goods that contain a lot of vegetable fats;

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It is therefore essential to educate yourself about eating a healthy, balanced diet. As we see healthy and natural foods Like jam and honey It can have repercussions and lead to contraindications.

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Even what is good, if taken in excessive doses, ends up providing a rebound effect with relative repercussions for our health.

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In addition to eating without exaggeration and a few hitches, we also always remember to drink a lot (at least two liters of water per day) And take some walk At a fast pace at least three times a week.

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