How do you denounce someone who does not respect him?

The introduction of the point-of-sale system compliance, which was officially adopted last July 1, has also led to penalties for those who do not respect the law. However, verifications by the relevant authorities are only triggered after notification by the customer. Let’s see in detail what ways the latter can send a complaint.

The POS he is duty For traders and professionals since the past July 1the date by which Punishment mechanism. In accordance with the provisions of the legislation, the burden Report The merchant who does not comply with the obligation belongs to the customer.

Let’s see in the following article the ways in which to file a complaint.

POS Commitment: How to Report

credit card payment businessman holding point of sale terminal payment min

According to the decree that enteredpoint of sale commitment To all merchants, I checkups It is performed by judicial police and by the bodies responsible for supervising compliance with the provisions, namelyrevenue agency and the Finance Police.

For the penalty mechanism to really work, it is up to the customer to report which merchant or professional did not accept payment by card or ATM. The Methods To be able to do this are:

  • Summon Guardia di Finanza to the number 117 (Free and works 24 hours a day). The caller can proceed with the immediate reporting of the violation by waiting for the patrol on the spot, or he can provide all necessary information over the phone, and the whistleblower will be invited to report to the nearest Corps department for formalization;
  • By filling out a file lonliness, To be delivered to the nearest operations center. Those who do not want to identify themselves can avoid writing their name and surname, but anonymous reports usually do not care. The form will ask you to specify the name and place of business and the date and time of the event, and ask the authority to intervene to conduct the necessary investigations.

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